May 27, 2024
Tyler Cameron’s New Home Renovation Series on Prime Video Is Here

Tyler Cameron is finally entering the home renovation TV show universe. The Bachelorette alum and general contractor once dabbled in the space, but in Prime Video’s Going Home with Tyler Cameron, we see the reality star follow his dreams by starting his own construction company in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida. He teamed up with house-flipping expert Robb Ritch and Miami-based interior designer Jessica Quintero to renovate homes in the area. Beyond client projects, he renovates and manages rental properties. Plus, he’s taken on personal projects including transforming the homes of his father—who is a general contractor—and late mother, who was a real estate agent.

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Courtesy of Prime

Tyler Cameron, Robb Ritch, and Jessica Quintero star in Going Home with Tyler Cameron.

In light of the series premiere, we checked in with Cameron to discuss everything watchers may be eager to know. Below, find out what he’s learned from starting a construction business, what his worst habit is, why he ended up moving out of the home he grew up in, and so much more.

House Beautiful: What do you love about working in construction and on residential homes?

Tyler Cameron: I love things that are tangible. I love things that you can see at the beginning and the end. Sometimes, it can be a real pain working for clients, but when you hand over those keys and they love the space that they’re in, that makes everything worth it. You put them in a house or they have a house, and we help make it a home for them. That, to me, is what makes construction and renovating and all that worth it.

HB: In the series, you renovate your late mother’s house with the intention of living in it. It’s now listed as one of your rental properties. Can you share more about that decision?

TC: I was living in it shortly after we did it, and I didn’t feel right. It is such a beautiful place, and I felt like this house could be creating more opportunities for us in the sense that it could make money for me and my brothers. Me and my brothers all split it. They don’t get to reap any of the benefits of me living in it necessarily. So now, we rent the house out, and it’s kind of like the gift that keeps on giving from Mom. We take the money from that house, and we’re going to turn it into more houses together. But maybe one day it’ll become a home for my brothers when they have their first kid. That’s what it was for my parents. When they had me, that was the home they moved into. Although, any time we have a big event to celebrate—my little brother will be graduating from the fire academy here soon—we’ll all get together at the house. That’s still our meeting place for big events and holidays. We did Thanksgiving there recently and Christmas. So we’ll always be around that house for the holidays and important dates.

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Courtesy of Prime

Cameron and Ritch in the backyard of the house where he grew up.

HB: Building Image 1 Construction has been a big learning process for you. What are you still hoping to learn more about?

TC: Oh man, you don’t stop learning. I’m getting my butt kicked right now in my own house. Luckily, I have gracious partners that I work with, so when I make a mistake they’re able to help me fix it and change it quickly and not yell at me too much. I kind of just hopped into my own renovation but I’ll tear it all out, and figure it out as I go.

When you renovate a home, we call it an onion. Every time you peel back a layer, you find something else. Then you peel back another layer, and you find something else. That starts hitting your budget pretty quickly. So, I almost would say that new builds are a safer route for people to go than renovating an older house because you never know what you’re going to peel back and find.

HB: How would you describe your interior design style?

TC: I don’t think my style is always the same. The house I’m in now is more like a 1970s home, so we’re going with the French cottage kind of vibe, and we’re doing lots of nice moldings, green-and-white checkered marbles in the kitchen and dining room, and then darker woods throughout. It’s going to be beautiful, but it’s going to be much different than any house I’ve done.

HB: What’s currently on your nightstand?

TC: I’m not staying at my house right now. I’m staying at an apartment until my house is done, so I have shit everywhere, but I just won a golf tournament. So I put my golf tournament trophy on there, and I have my mouth tape and nose strips. Okay, nice. It probably sounds really hot, but I’ve got to have my mouth tape and nose strips. And I have all my skincare right next to me, too. I just lay in bed, put on my skincare, put on my mouth tape, put on my nose strips, and then I’m out.

HB: What is your worst personal habit?

TC: I am a bull in a China shop. I just destroy and damage everything around me. I’m going to have so many markups on all these walls because I just damage everything when I’m carrying stuff around. I am just so clumsy and everything gets beat up around me.

HB: Are you a fan of other home renovation shows?

TC: Yes, I’ve watched Chip and Joanna [Gaines]. I’ve watched Good Bones. I’ve watched Hollywood Houselift [with Jeff Lewis]. I’ve got a few shows that I’ve watched over the years.

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