May 27, 2024
Sundays furniture brand co-founder shares work-life survival hacks

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What works today, in terms of self-care rituals, may not work in 12 months, says Samieian. But she has figured out that deep down, she’s an introvert. An introvert with a big family who’s in a leadership role at work — a lot of “people time.”

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“I really feel the urge to take alone time, so I do that in different ways. When it’s nicer, in summertime, I try and get out for a walk before the kids wake up, early in the morning, at 5:30 or 6 a.m. Sometimes, I’m just with my thoughts; other times, I’ll put on music or a podcast or something,” she says.

If she can’t do a walk, she’ll do a “coffee-to-stay moment” between daycare drop-off and getting to the office. Instead of taking her coffee to-go, she enjoys it in the coffee shop. Even if it’s only for 10 minutes — this is a small ritual she savours.

“These moments don’t have to be long, but they need to be intentional. It gives me a burst of energy, and I come into the office in the right frame of mind.” Taking a break from her personal Instagram and ensuring she gets time outside has helped her focus more, says Samieian.

Pillow Talk outdoor sofa by Sundays.
Pillow Talk outdoor sofa by Sundays. Photo by Courtesy Sundays


Practising gratitude can sound a little cliché, but there is something to it. Samieian says out loud that she’s “lucky” to have child care and family support in juggling work and raising kids. She’s honest about often feeling like she’s dropped the ball somewhere. It might be in her one-on-one time with her kids, work commitments, not getting enough exercise or seeing friends.

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Nailing imperfect balance

Doing away with guilt is a good idea, says Samieian.

“The less guilt I feel and the more accepting I am of the imperfect balance that life with four kids under eight and multiple businesses will be chaotic … the better I feel.”

Red is best

Colour is something that makes her feel good, says Samieian. And at Sundays they’re embracing more colour.

“One of my favourite collections at the moment is called In the Loop, and it’s this really beautiful woven tapestry collection. I just recently got the stool for our bedroom, and it’s sitting under one of my favourite paintings.” This corner of her home really “brings joy.”

They’ve also used colour for their Embrace chair, says Samieian: “Red is really having a moment. In fashion and furniture. This is a beautiful shade of it called Harvest.”

Settle In lounge chairs by Sundays.
Settle In lounge chairs by Sundays. Photo by Courtesy Sundays

Having fun outdoors

Sundays has expanded its outdoor collection quite a bit, says Samieian. Its Stir It Up bar cart is made from teak and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Teak is a good material for outdoor use, and you can pop out the tray to carry it around or roll the cart on wheels.

“It’s of those multi-functional pieces, and we’re big fans of multi-functional — getting the most out of your pieces,” she says.

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