July 19, 2024
Sofa trends: Interior design experts reveal the latest looks

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Comfort is king when it comes to sofas, but it can be tricky choosing the right colour, size, materials and price point. You might want something big you can lounge in, but will it work in the room you have in mind?

Postmedia sat down with designer Paolo Ferrari of Studio Paolo Ferrari; Tim Zyto, owner of Montauk Sofa; and interior designer Victoria McKenney, of Enviable Designs, to hear about sofa trends for 2024 and some things to consider if you’re shopping for sofas.

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It’s all about comfort

This year we’re moving away from sofas with delicate, lighter forms and back to those with more visual weight, says Ferrari. “Comfort is a top priority and it’s about striking that balance between the familiar and the new. Timeless, without being generic.”

Warm colours

Ferrari predicts that warm, saturated colours will dominate in 2024. His studio introduced the Lido sofa, designed for both comfort and innovation. He explains, “We focused on layering different elements of the sofa, like the seat, rail and back, to give each part its distinct character.”

Lido sofa by Studio Paolo Ferrari.
Lido sofa by Studio Paolo Ferrari. Photo by Paolo Ferrari

How will this year differ from the last two in sofa design?

Ferrari says trends don’t move as quickly as everyone thinks they do. But in 2022 and 2023, there was a resurgence of classic sofas from the past 50 years, and he doesn’t expect this trend to continue.

What to watch out for when choosing your sofa

People often struggle with choosing the right size and shape when it comes to their sofa, says Ferrari. Sofas with a “slight bend” allow for more dynamic group seating.

It fits the room, but does it fit?

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Interior designer Victoria McKenney, from Enviable Designs, says scale is the most important factor to consider when selecting a sofa. Even if the measurements of the piece you’re considering technically fit the room you have in mind, it may not look right when it’s placed there if the scale is wrong.

“Look at the size of the arms to help understand if the piece is oversized in appearance as well as the height of the sofa. This can really define the “feel” of the sofa,” she explains.

Interior design by Victoria McKenney of Enviable Designs.
Interior design by Victoria McKenney of Enviable Designs. Photo by Tracey Ayton

Catwalk sofas

Since Montauk Sofa was founded in Montreal in 1995, the brand has been about combining high fashion with furniture, says Tim Zyto. Montauk has stores across Canada, including a showroom in Vancouver. 

Zyto agrees that when it comes to sofas, comfort is key. They achieve this by using a traditional solid wood frame and springs secured by jute rope at eight points. These are then covered with high-density foams and down-filled cushions. They then work with designers and customers to customize the result: “We offer our expertise to ensure that the furniture complements their space perfectly and their comfort needs.”

Some of Montauk’s current standouts include its Audrey Sofa, a “sexy, voluptuous (down-filled to excess) new addition,” the Antoine modular sofa for modern and traditional lifestyle preferences and the Jill Outdoor, which has a removable slipcover.

“Whether you live in a micro apartment or industrial warehouse loft, our modular sofas fit the bill,” says Zyto.

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