July 19, 2024
Save Money on Home Renovation: Why 2 Rooms Are Recommended First by HGTV Expert
Save Money on Home Renovation: Why 2 Rooms Are Recommended First by HGTV Expert

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Spending money on home renovations can be an excellent investment. It can be money well spent whether you’re looking to sell your property soon or just want to have a more comfortable space for yourself and your family. 

No matter your goals for revamping your digs, finding economical ideas for renovations is always helpful. One option is to scale down the scope of your project by focusing on the areas of your home that matter most. You can take it even further by focusing on minor upgrades that can make a big difference in the look and feel of your space. Here’s what one interior design and real estate expert recommends.

Which Rooms Should You Focus on in Your Home Renovation?

If you’re on a budget, HGTV expert Hilary Farr has recommended starting with your kitchen and bedroom. She explained, “The kitchen would be an obvious one. If it doesn’t function and you have a terrible time trying to produce meals, and you certainly don’t enjoy the process either, you would tackle that room for sure.”

Although most people understand focusing on kitchens and bathrooms, many might be surprised at the recommendation to re-do a bedroom.

Farr justified this strategy by explaining that, “It should be a place where it gives you calmness, and it gives you pleasure so that you will have a beautiful sleep and wake up in the morning and the first thing that you see is your bedroom, which should set you off very nicely for the day to come.”

Here are some general money-saving recommendations that can apply to renovations in the kitchen, bedroom or pretty much any area in your home.


Before you think of adding anything to a room or area, consider starting by removing things instead. Decluttering can open up areas and help you see how to optimize your spaces in the best way possible. 

Farr spoke about this process being emotional but necessary. “You have to be very brutal about that. We’re not supposed to get attached to an object, but, you know, objects that I’ve grown up with, or that I remember buying on a specific trip, can have an emotional attachment because there’s a memory that goes with them. That said, they will often not work in your home space, especially if they did at one point and you have since moved.”


This process can go hand-in-hand with decluttering. As you remove what’s not working, you’re free to see what could work. Simply rearranging your items can spark creativity and open your mind to more economical, simple refreshes that make a big difference.


If you’ve got old items you’re not quite ready to depart with, it could be time to restore or repurpose them. Farr said, “You can refresh them. You can keep them, and very often, if you just have them redone, you can make them look fresh and much more in tune with the new way you’re decorating your home and what is on-trend.”

The great news is that you can be creative and have fun in this process. Turn grandma’s quilt into a wall hanging. Repaint that old dresser to give it a modern look. There are plenty of routes that can spruce up any area nicely. 

How Can You Save Money on Your Kitchen Renovation?

You’ve got a few options based on your budget. Jonathan Klemm is a general contractor in the Chicago area with Quality Builders. He recommends starting with an inexpensive project like a backsplash (real tiles as opposed to the peel-and-stick). “Since the backsplash takes as much space as the countertops, it gives you a new look at a fraction of the price that a granite countertop would.”

Additional economic updates for a kitchen might include:

  • Vinyl or laminate flooring
  • Painting the walls, cabinets or countertops 
  • Updating cabinet hardware, plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures

If you have a budget to do a full renovation, you can throw in nice countertops and new appliances, but it’s not necessary for a light refresh. 

How Can You Save Money on Your Bedroom Renovation?

The nice thing about the bedroom is that there aren’t as many moving parts to coordinate, and the wares are less expensive than things you’d update in the kitchen, like appliances or countertops. 

Shiri Miller is an interior designer who works for junk removal company EZ Cleanup in Philadelphia. She recommended starting extremely simply. “I would add lighting points on the walls, not the ceiling! Wall lighting is much more flattering, pleasant, and appropriate.”

Additional wallet-friendly updates for a bedroom might include:

  • New bed linens and rugs
  • Blinds and window coverings
  • Fresh paint
  • Accent walls or floating shelves

Even though you’re saving money, don’t forget to think outside of the box, explore different ideas and design something you actually like. Hillary Farr added, “You need to be open to other ideas, but you need to understand what makes you feel comfortable within your home.”

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