July 19, 2024
Martha Stewart regrets buying this kitchen appliance |

Designing a kitchen is expensive and time-consuming. To make a re-design or renovation worth it, it’s paramount to consider how you will use the space and what appliances work best for you. That’s why making single-use appliances a permanent part of your kitchen can be so tricky. No one knows this better than Martha Stewart, who regrets installing a deep frier on her stove.

In our interview with the celebrated guru, she told us about the kitchen idea she wishes she could change. Martha told H&G exclusively: ‘I have a stove with ten burners. I have a deep fryer, which I confess I have only used once in 20 years.’ She continued, ‘I’m not a big fryer. If I fry now, I fry in a pot because it’s a lot of oil to fill the deep fryer. I should have put two more burners there.’

While intriguing, Martha’s kitchen renovation regret is not uncommon. Kitchen renovation expert Barry Gant, the founder of 7 Day Kitchens, states: ‘Fryers aren’t always a favorite in the home kitchen. First, they hog space. Fryers aren’t small. They may even take up a good portion of your counter, which is not great, especially in small kitchens.’

Martha Stewart regrets buying this kitchen appliance |

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Barry Gant

Barry Gant is the owner of 7 Day Kitchens, a Charlotte, NC-based company specializing in swift kitchen remodeling. Gant attributes their ability to remodel kitchens in just 7 days – a stark contrast to the industry’s standard 6 to 8 weeks –to meticulous planning, unwavering customer commitment, and efficient execution.