June 20, 2024
Jenny Marrs Faces Her Biggest Challenge on ‘Fixer To Fabulous’

Jenny and Dave Marrs are back on HGTV with new episodes from season 5 of Fixer To Fabulous dropping weekly. Fans love the Marrs family for plenty of reasons, including their adorable family and impressive home renovations prowess. However, there is one skill that Jenny brings to the table that always blows fans and homeowners away: her kitchen designs! That brings us to this week’s episode of Fixer To Fabulous–a high stakes kitchen remodel that Jenny referred to as “one of my biggest challenges to date!”

This week, Jenny and Dave are tasked with updating a 20-year-old home for a couple in Bentonville, Arkansas. The homeowners had one not-so-simple request: a “Jenny kitchen.” The problem is, neither Dave nor Jenny can define exactly what a “Jenny kitchen” is, but it’s their job to make this homeowner’s dream come true.

“It’s a lot of pressure. She wants a ‘Jenny kitchen,’ but I don’t even know what that means because I feel like every kitchen I do is specific for a homeowner. So, there’s not like one copy repeat kitchen,” Jenny admitted. “I think the biggest challenge is the ‘Jenny Marrs kitchen.’ That right there, in the same sentence, a great compliment and an extreme challenge,” Dave echoed.

HGTV posted a sneak peak of tonight’s episodes writing, “Oh, to have my very own Jenny Kitchen™️ !! Tune in to an all-new #FixerToFab tonight at 8|7c to see why you’ll want one, too (if you don’t already) 😉.”

Fans were quick to request their very own ‘Jenny Marrs kitchen’ in the comments. “I’d love a Jenny kitchen, too!!!” and “I want a MARRS house🤷🏼‍♀️,” fans wrote. “This was the biggest challenge! ❤️❤️,” Jenny chimed in.

Of course, as they always do, Jenny and Dave pulled through and delivered the home and kitchen of the homeowners’ dreams. The end of the clip shows the homeowners’ reaction to the kitchen reveal, complete with appliances from ILVE USA, where the wife says “I love my Jenny kitchen!”

Tune into HGTV on Tuesdays at 8/7c (or stream on Discovery+ or MAX) to catch the “Jenny kitchen” drama and all the other noteworthy Fixer to Fabulous moments.


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