May 27, 2024
How Silver and Steel Became the Interior Design Trend of the Moment

Sands’s love for silver is “deeply intertwined with her appreciation for art history, drawing particular inspiration from the Art Deco period.” She says she’s been collecting antique silver candlestick holders and flatware for at least a decade, a journey that began when two vintage flatware sets were passed down to her from her mother and grandparents. Right now, she’s particularly fond of glass and silver and “loves how they mix with the ceramics in our collection.”

For the Danish designer Louise Roe, who works across ceramic, glass, and stainless steel, mixing materials is similarly essential. It’s a philosophy she not only applies to find harmony in design, but in life as well. “My work has always been about balance,” she says, and finds this in stainless steel by leaning into soft, feminine shapes to juxtapose the material’s more masculine qualities. Roe also sees the current appeal of steel and silver as a natural response to the muted and matte interiors that came before it. “It’s a more daring material because of how shiny and reflective it is,” she adds. “People want objects that allow them to express themselves and are no longer afraid to do so.”

Nostalgia, which our content economy is keen to endlessly repackage, also plays a key role in the trend’s popularity. “Silver can be nostalgic and is much more understated than gold,” a spokesperson from the luxury design destination Abask tells Vogue, adding that “in a time of quiet luxury, silver touches evoke a sense of elegance that adds a point of difference to the bursts of color and texture.”

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Photo: Courtesy of ABASK

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Photo: Courtesy of ABASK

Home to an incredible edit of vintage and modernist silver tabletop pieces—like those from De Vecchi, a third-generation Italian maker, and Brandimarte, a Florentine brand founded in the 1950s—the Abask team says its customers are paying serious attention to the table again. “Perhaps the social-media generation is growing up and on to the next chapter of their lives, buying into products with longevity, which silver is perfect for. They are looking to invest in ‘future heirlooms’ to build their personal collections that can be enjoyed for generations.”

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Photo: Courtesy of LES Collection