May 27, 2024
Alexandra Gater Is Designing Your Next Weekend Project
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Many Gen Zers and millennials have tabled the dream of owning a home as asking prices and interest rates skyrocket. This unaffordability means we Zillennials—the generation who grew up watching the HGTV channel—aren’t likely to zhuzh our patios into large alfresco layouts or elevate the crown molding with a pop of color the way we’ve seen on television. But being a forever renter doesn’t mean our living spaces are doomed to be bland and unoriginal; there are renter-friendly ways to customize your pad, and home decor expert Alexandra Gater and her YouTube channel have all the tips for you.

The magazine editor turned interior designer is a rising influencer in the home decor space. Her eponymous channel has more than 700K subscribers (and counting!) and features studio makeovers, decorating how-tos, and styling tips. As a 32-year-old millennial, Gater knew home ownership was a farfetched dream but didn’t believe renting meant she couldn’t make her space her own. While many popular interior design channels focused on splashier houses and mansions, she began building her content around small-space solutions and apartment renovation tips that were realistic and doable.

My best work has always come from being myself.

“I started to realize that there was a huge gap in the world of home decor and interiors—magazines often highlight the biggest, flashiest makeovers, but where was the design advice for those who rent and may never own a home?” she says. “For many, including myself, renting is a long-term reality, and I wanted to speak to that group of people to show them that having a beautiful space is absolutely possible.”

Six years later, Gater has turned this niche hobby into a blooming interior design business that specializes in accessible home design and offers virtual makeovers. The queen of DIY, Gater is always finding new tips and styling hacks to share with her followers, whether she’s adding bright and bold peel-and-stick wallpaper to a tiny bathroom or decluttering an entryway by adding built-in shelves.


House Beautiful: What’s one piece of advice you would give your past self?

Alexandra Gater: It’s so easy to compare and get caught up in what others are doing in this industry, but staying in my lane and focusing on the niche I’ve created for myself helps me not get caught up in the comparison game. My best work has always come from being myself, and I wish my past self felt confident in that knowledge when I was first starting out.

HB: What drew you to the home/design online space?

AG: The fact that I get to be creative for a living. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is that I get to see a project from beginning to end. It’s so satisfying watching it in a video that goes live for thousands to see.

HB: What’s something you wish you’d known before you started creating content online?

AG: Things take time, and overnight success isn’t actually the goal. It’s a slow burn, but since social media trends die quickly, it can feel like you’re always behind when that’s not actually the reality.

HB: What excites you most about the design industry right now?

AG: I love that creators like myself are just so excited to try new things and new styles and not conform to what everyone else thinks is trendy. Creators are determining the trends, and it makes me feel so hopeful that I can continue to express myself freely online and try new things.

HB: What three words best encapsulate your design style?

AG: Fun, colorful, cozy.

HB: If you could transport yourself to any design era, which would it be?

AG: The 1950s, when pink was in! It’s my favorite color, and I love how we try to recreate pink kitchens and bathrooms now. What’s retro to us was just the moment then.

HB: What accounts are most inspiring you right now?

AG: I love scrolling my For You page and seeing what kind of design pops up. I love when I see something unexpected or a new, bold color that I can’t wait to try. I also love following female creators who have built strong businesses, such as Studio McGee, Justina Blakeney, and Emily Henderson, to name a few, and observing how they lead their respective brands.

HB: Where do you shop for home decor online?

AG: H&M Home for accessories, IKEA for basics to DIY and customize, Anthropologie, Target, and Article.

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