July 19, 2024
A Deeper Dive Into Home Finishes

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A Deeper Dive Into Home Finishes

It’s no secret that I absolutely love home design. For me, interior design is where my love of fashion, art, and entertaining all come together in the most fun way. I’ve always loved creating spaces that meet our needs as a family but are also tapped in emotionally to HOW we want to live. The sparkle of personality that makes a space more than just the sum of its parts. There is nothing better than relaxing in your home and thinking to yourself that it feels perfectly like YOU. And figuring out “who” that You is when it comes to design is half the fun!

We are now living in the fourth home I’ve owned, and with each time I learn so much. I’ve done work in every home I’ve ever lived in, because I’ve always been motivated to try and make it as perfect as possible for us. This has meant changes as simple as wallpaper, or as complex as an entire renovation and addition. But the truth is that making home improvements can be stressful, and while it’s SO important to have a good experience with the vendors helping in that process– the truth is that it can be anything BUT that. I remember in Los Angeles one time I had hired painters to paint a couple of rooms. They started on one, completed half, and then disappeared. Another time a contractor in Los Angeles left a huge gaping hole in our exterior wall for a week while we chased him down to finish the job. Needless to say, when I find trustworthy and capable vendors I know I can’t gatekeep the information!

You all know how in love with wallpaper I am, and with color/texture, etc. Since moving to the East Coast, one of my favorite vendors I’ve found has been Supreme Home Finishes! Fabricio and his team painted my entire last house, as well as installed all of the wallpaper. I knew I wanted to work with them again when we moved into our new home! This home is a new construction, which makes the process much easier in some ways…but more necessary in others.

So many of the rooms in our new home lacked character in one way or another, which is something of a necessity when building a spec home. The builder usually doesn’t know what kind of characters are moving in! That said, it’s not my style to stay in the beige zone. I’m totally obsessed with all the work that SHF has done for us thus far, but more importantly, I keep getting SO MANY questions about painting and wallpaper as I release more room reveals. I can tell I’m not the only one who loves updating their home in cosmetic ways to reflect their personality!

Since I’ve been asked countless times who “does my wallpaper”, I thought it would be the perfect time to officially introduce everyone to Supreme Home Finishes! The company is a great one, and not only does the team do an impeccable job (truly the best painting I’ve ever seen in my life), but they are a wealth of information and so great to bounce ideas off of. Having a home finishes team that is not only technically savvy but creative as well helps take every job to the next level! For example, when I was designing my dining room, I had the wallpaper, and I knew I wanted to compliment it with the dark charcoal trim. But it just felt like the room was missing something. It needed some depth. After consulting with me, Fabricio shared that limewash might be a great option….and he shared lots of examples of similar jobs they had done. It was so helpful to get the input of somebody who has done lots of high-level projects and could share valuable insight on the process. I’m so obsessed with how the Dining Room turned out because it feels extra luxe with only cosmetic changes.  I’m glad I really went for it!

Fabricio was kind enough to answer some common questions below that I’ve been receiving about home finishes, so hopefully this will be helpful if you’re still trying to decide. Ultimately, feel free to reach out to SHF if you have a project you’re considering– they’ve even traveled to complete jobs!

Tell us about Supreme Home Finishes (SHF) and How You Got Started

Everything started when I was very young. My dad was a builder back in Brazil, and I followed him in every job; the passion started right when I came to the US in 1999, and since then, I have dedicated all I have to the construction business. I decided to create Supreme Home Finishes back in 2006. We’ve been transforming homes ever since!

I’m proud to say that we have become recognized in the Fairfield County community, and beyond, for our quality and excellent customer service.


What types of projects do you do most?

Our company specializes in a range of services, including painting, cabinet refinishing, wallpaper installation, and remodeling. Our team has completed over 700 projects with high satisfaction, an accomplishment we are very proud of!


Are you seeing any trends in home renovation and home finishes?

Yes, a very big trend right now in home finishes is limewash and painting the trim and walls the same color. Limewash adds an extra bit of texture to a wall and even to wallpaper. We recommend both to our clients when we think it would benefit a room or space. In terms of renovations, we’re seeing a lot of colorful bathrooms and a strong interest in white oak.


Obviously, professional is best, but If people are trying to paint their homes themselves what is your best tip?

That’s a great point you bring up – the quality of the material you are using is crucial to achieving a high-quality finish. Even with great preparation work and finishing, if the materials you use are not of high quality, the final result will be compromised. It’s always important to invest in good quality materials to ensure the best possible outcome for any project.


Any great wallpaper installation tips?

That’s a great question and we have an interesting tip! Proper wallpaper storage. Extreme temperatures can cause issues with installation and result in unwanted lines and sets.


Peel and stick wallpaper is so controversial: what is your opinion on it?

To me, peel-and-stick wallpaper is not easy to install at all. A lot of times if you need to pull away from the surface, it causes damage to the surface and peels away the paint.


The SHF team travels! What are some of your favorite locations where you’ve done finishes in homes?

Yes, we do travel! My favorite locations that we’ve been to for work are Fishers Island and Woodstock. Very different locales, we know, but both are so beautiful in their own right.


What’s on the horizon for SHF, and what are you looking forward to in 2024?

Continue to do incredible work for our clients and expand and grow, without ever losing quality. Follow us on Instagram @supremehomefinishes or visit our website to check out our work!


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