June 20, 2024
9 Home Updates That Designers Want to See You Make in 2024

A new year brings with it the winds of change. Whilst January can often feel the blue period that follows the warmth and festivity of December, it’s also a great time to set the waypoints for what you want your home to achieve in the year ahead. From big renovations to small but striking changes, we’ve spoken to designers around the globe to ask what changes they wish to see in homes this year.

As we asked each of them to cast a look into their crystal balls, each of them was uniform in their encouragement of creativity and bravery when it comes to your home design this year. 2023’s embers of more expressive interiors were palpable, from romantic ruffle-filled bedding to curves covering every room, but 2024 takes things one step further, encouraging you to personalize your home with the unexpected.