July 19, 2024
5 ways to embrace Gen Z decor in a chic and timeless way |

Admittedly, I was drawn to Gen Z decor from the off. I have been seeing it grow on social media for years, and I did covet the mushroom lamps, the wavy edges, the checkerboard prints. But as with any trend, I didn’t invest because I assumed that it would be more than likely this love for quirky colorful decor would pass. Plus, when something markets itself so much on being exclusively for those born after the late 90s you do question whether it’s the right look for you.

But as with anything Gen Z, they have very quickly skipped the slightly cringe phase and have gone straight to actually very stylish. The Gen Z decor has adapted from pastels and gimmicky light shapes into a style that warrants some attention and I think I am ready to embrace it ever so slightly in my own home.