July 19, 2024
3 ‘small but impactful’ ways to add color to your home |

Decorating with color can go a long way in transforming your home. Especially at this time of year, it’s tempting to consider adding more color trends to your space to help lift your mood. But for those who are used to decorating with neutrals, it can be difficult to know where to start.

To give you some ideas, Tash Bradley, color psychologist and Director of Interior Design at Lick Home has suggested three ‘small but impactful’ ways to bring color into your space. We’ve rounded them up below, perfect if you’re looking to revive your home this winter with a pop of bold color through paint ideas.

1. Add an accent wall

3 ‘small but impactful’ ways to add color to your home |

(Image credit: Future / Mel Yates)

While Tash acknowledges that accent walls have in recent years been a divisive topic, she suggests that they can be an effective way to bring color into your home – ‘Feature walls done right look stunning.’