July 19, 2024
3 Outdated Ceiling Designs That Need to Disappear

It’s the year of the statement ceiling, and we’re seeing beautiful, bold approach to decorating them in plenty of designer projects right now. The so-called ‘fifth wall’ contributes tremendously to an entire room’s look and feel, and so choosing the right ideas is important. But with so many ideas floating around right now, it can be hard to know which ones are really a good idea, and which ones aren’t.

To help you out, we asked top designers for the ceiling decorating ideas they think are outdated or overdone, and what they’d do instead. Take a look before you start renovating or designing your home.

1. Bulky, wooden coffered ceilings

3 Outdated Ceiling Designs That Need to Disappear

Try instead: This simple coffer adds detail without overwhelming the space.

(Image credit: James Merrell)

Paneled ceilings are incredibly popular right now, even when they’re not original. They add texture and drama to a ceiling where paint and even wallpaper can fall flat. However, when it comes to adding a sense of depth overhead, there’s limits to how ornate you should go.