June 20, 2024
10 Interior Design Trends for 2024 | Real Estate

It’s time to ring in the new year with some new home design trends. Whether you’re adding new furniture and decor or you’re finally ready to hire the contractor for your dream kitchen renovation, we’ve got insight from interior designers on what’s trending. From bold colors to natural fabrics to bespoke decor, here’s what we’ll be seeing in home design in 2024.

1. Synthetics Give Way to Natural Materials

10 Interior Design Trends for 2024 | Real Estate

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Expect to see fewer synthetics and more all-natural and recycled fabrics, according to Rob Natale, chief of design at Sixpenny in Brooklyn, New York. “As the collective shift towards conscious living continues, it’s easy to understand the appeal of natural materials,” he says. “They’re beautiful, durable, timeless, and evoke a sort of effortlessly quiet luxury.”

2. The Kitchen Gets a Warm Makeover

modern ceramic kitchenware and utensils on the black granite counter top

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Goodbye, all-white kitchens. Hello, warm organic elements. Jennifer Verruto, founder and CEO of Blythe Interiors in San Diego, says the heart of the home is trending toward exposed beams, light oak cabinets and antique bronze hardware.

While subway tile is still a classic choice for a kitchen backsplash, Verruto says zellige tile – heat- and water-resistant handcrafted tile from Morocco – is growing in popularity.

3. Spaces Tell Their Own Stories

Farmhouse kitchen with pan stand and open recipe book on table

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Brand-new furniture and decor are nice, but so are items that grow more beautiful with age, says Julia Miller of Yond Interiors in Minneapolis. Thoughtfully chosen elements throughout the home that connect the residents to moments in their lives are also a trend. For example, Miller says a marble kitchen countertop can evoke memories of a European trip, and wallpaper can feature images representing a favorite pastime.

“In the world of AI and instant satisfaction, we foresee a desire for people to be further connected to their environments and the items that make their homes special,” Miller says. “Interior design is all about the story of the lives of the people who live in the space and introducing elements with patina that helps make life feel not so perfect.”

4. Add Color Everywhere

Modern Living Room Interior With Air Conditioner, Orange Sofa And Green Armchair

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Get more confident with color in 2024. “Although neutrals have come a long way, it’s now encouraged and almost necessary to include at least one pop of color in every room,” says Vy Truong, co-founder and principal designer at Very Handsome Studio in Houston.

But if you’re ready to go bolder with color, rooms saturated in monochromatic color schemes are on trend, according to Kelly Finley, CEO and creative designer of Joy Street Design in Oakland, California. “Color evokes feeling,” says Finley, who works from an all-pink home office. “It’s really embracing whatever the mood is that you want to feel by just doing it with all one color.”

Need some color inspiration? Pantone recently announced Peach Fuzz as its Color of the Year. “This warm shade evokes a cozy and comfy atmosphere and will embrace the earthy palettes that are prevalent for next year,” says Jennifer Clark, senior interior designer at Decorators Unlimited in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. She notes that the color will combine well with chocolate brown and natural wood tones, as well as the creams, browns and muted greens that will be trending in 2024. “[Peach Fuzz] can easily be used as the canvas for a room or the chunky tactile woven elements on upholstery and area rugs,” she says.

5. Skip the Paint and Stain Trim Instead

Shot of luxurious interior of a bathroom with wooden cabinets

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The painted trim trend is waning in favor of stained trim. “After years of painting all manner of millwork, more and more homeowners are embracing the original stain in their homes,” says Heather Peterson of Heather Peterson Design in Minneapolis. For new builds in particular, she suggests paneling in an office or library or stained cabinetry in the kitchen or bath as a way to incorporate darker stains without being overpowering. “I predict there will be some fun with species and cuts of wood as well,” she says.

6. Dark and Moody Sets the Tone

Drawing room with high ceilings and architectural features

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Dark and moody isn’t gloomy when it’s done right with paint, accents and window treatments, says Kelly Simpson, senior director of design and innovation at Budget Blinds, an Irvine, California, company with 900 franchises nationwide. “Colors will be much darker and include neutral shades of black and dark grays, but also feature hints of moody colors such as deep blue and forest green,” she says.

While the aesthetic can be applied to any room, it’s especially on trend for bathrooms and bedrooms. “The dark and moody trend calls for rich, light-reflective velvets, as well as hints of metallic accents in brass and silver for a touch of shine,” says Simpson.

7. Period Lighting Shines Throughout the Home

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The right lighting can also set the mood for a space, especially when a fixture’s design evokes the past. “There has been such a surge in the use of modern lighting in traditional architecture in recent years that it suddenly feels fresh to just use period-appropriate lighting in old homes,” says Heather Peterson of Heather Peterson Design in Minneapolis. Her recommendations include simple versions of hanging lanterns, or alabaster bowl pendants secured by a more modern-looking chain.

“There’s also something to be said for repeating traditional fixtures rather than mixing it up, like deploying the same classic sconce throughout a house,” Peterson says. In particular, she likes small flush-mounted fixtures as a welcome change from recessed lighting in a kitchen.

8. High-End Wellness Elements Level Up an At-Home Workout

A wide shot of an indoor home swimming pool in Ponteland, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

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Do you enjoy working at home but miss the luxe amenities at the gym? There’s a growing trend of infusing high-end wellness components into the home. “Cold plunges, atriums and juice bars in homes are going to become a common topic during the ideation stages [of design],” says Brittany Farinas, CEO and creative director of House of One in Miami.

9. Locally Handcrafted Pieces Connect to Community

old man working on creating a wooden model of a boat

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Amy Switzer, owner of Amy Switzer Design LLC in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, likes the growing trend of supporting local artisans and their “bespoke, handcrafted pieces with a focus on quality, longevity and unique design.” she says.

It allows for a more personal touch and a deeper connection to the community, as well as the opportunity for customization. “Clients can collaborate to create those bespoke pieces that are tailored to their preferences and needs,” Switzer says.

10. Performance Fabrics and Durable Decor Hold Up in High-Traffic Households

Little Asian boy having fun running and jumping on the sofa at home

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It used to be that if you had kids, pets or a combination of the two, you were limited in your furniture fabric choices if that chair or sofa had any hope of lasting. That’s not the case any more. Performance fabrics have been and continue to improve, with textiles that are as beautiful as they are durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean, according to Switzer.

The same goes for decor, which is leaning toward sturdier materials like resin or heavy-duty plastics. “These are gaining popularity due to their ability to withstand accidental bumps or falls,” she says.

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