About Us

Design Kreations is an interior design and space planning company, to assist you with the best affordable interior designs for your residential or commercial spaces. We work passionately with our clients so as to achieve an opulent end result which they cherish for a lifetime. We like design to be visually powerful, intellectually elegant and above all timeless.

Our strength lies in our passion for creativity, bringing unique elements to both contemporary and traditional designs. We take pride in designing and planning environments that are ergonomic and welcoming. We aim to ensure that our customer enjoy the space created by us.

Design Kreations competitive advantage is that we are able to deliver on any size project, while providing you with a unique service offering tailored to your needs and requirements.


Our services cover the entire spectrum needed for a smart interior, right from design conceptualization to total Fit-out & Turnkey projects.


Create beauty and bring comfort in Interior space.


Becoming one of the main reference company for Clients requiring procurement and Interior Design / Projects Mgmt high added value services.


Always achieving full satisfaction of our Clients.